At Saint Barnabas Dalston we are committed to presenting the Christian Gospel (good news) in a form that our contemporary culture can relate to. All are welcome at our services and questions are encouraged.

We gather each Sunday to meet with God by hearing the Scriptures sung, read and preached and by sharing bread and wine at the Lord’s Supper.

We also meet midweek either supporting local events and organizations or in one anothers’ homes - to eat, study the Bible and pray together. These meetings are open to all. If you’d like to know more please get in touch.

Our sister church meets in Hoxton.

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We are fortunate to have a number of gifted musicians within our congregation, including a professional cellist. The style of the music is chosen with the outsider in mind and often themed around common and accessible musical genres (classical, folk, jazz), so that those new to church would recognise a genre of music even if they were unfamiliar with the words/hymns. The songs tend to be a mixture - mostly hymns with other shorter songs and contemporary songs. Instruments vary from violin and cello, to piano, xylophone, guitar and drums.

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